Problem solving

Take charge of production problems and find the solution

Assess the customer’s production issues and identify possible solutions.

  1. Preliminary meeting with the customer to identify and clarify the actual requirements and agree on a project outline, usually taking into account marketing data.
  2. Produce an outline design of possible solutions that illustrate our design ideas, to be evaluated from both a technical, practical and production point of view.
  3. Fine tuning of the conceptual basis that allows us to prepare a cost estimate including the preparation of all the technical and regulatory documentation (Use and maintenance manual and related CE certification).

For projects of average complexity, it takes approximately four months from the acceptance of the offer to the delivery of the goods, during which the executive design will be produced and the work systematically coordinated by our experts.
When the equipment is delivered, there will be a reasonable period allocated to support activities for the purpose of fine-tuning and operator training.