Special automation design and manufacture
Global maintenance and technical assistance

Wiring and electrical testing

As well wiring and carrying out electrical testing of our own automation systems, we also provide these services to major automatic machinery manufacturers who wish to outsource the work.

Electrical panels for any type of industrial automation system

These may be provided on a turnkey basis or as contract work. Every electrical panel designed by us comes with CE plate and certificate of conformity. We can arrange to collect the materials from the customer and to produce prototypes or medium quantity series electrical panels.

Machine wiring systems

This service is highly valued by our customers because it means that a single supplier is responsible for all the electrical work. This includes the installation of raceways, pushbutton panels, junction boxes and everything else required for carrying out the work in accordance with best practices. Like the electrical panels, the on board machine wiring system can be provided either as a turnkey service or as subcontract work.

Final testing

If the customer requires us to do so, we can also carry out electrical pretesting in-house and if necessary provide our own software engineer to assist with the final testing of each machine. This completes the work carried out by us and guarantees that the wiring is tested.

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