Industrial automation

Optimize processes and develop products

Design and manufacture of industrial automation machinery and equipment with the aim of optimizing processes and developing products.
We serve manufacturers whose strategic objectives include continuous improvement in productivity and product quality.


GF Automazioni has an extensive knowledge and experience of technologies through its work of developing solutions for various industrial sectors. Our design engineers and technicians have always worked in multiple sectors of industry, all of which have different requirements. This expertise sets GF Automazioni apart from other companies and makes us the best choice for automating your production processes. We can guarantee reliability, expertise and the certainty of being able to think out of the box for any industrial sector.

Give a new lease of life to your automatic machinery

GF Automazioni has investigated the possibility of overhauling and implementing automatic machinery that is already in use and putting it back into service with new functions and automation features, thereby opening up to a new market.

Customers can count on our experience to help expand and strengthen their business, optimizing costs and maintaining an updated and efficient machinery inventory.

Nuova vita per la tua macchina automatica

GF Automazioni ha esplorato l’opportunità di revisionare e implementare macchine automatiche già in uso applicando nuove funzionalità e automatismi, aprendosi così ad un nuovo mercato.

Le aziende clienti potranno contare sulla nostra esperienza per ampliare e rafforzare il proprio business, ottimizzando i costi e mantenendo così un parco macchine aggiornato ed efficiente.