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GF AUTOMAZIONI, 20 years of passion in the field of automatic machines

Even without big celebrations, given the timing, the first 20 years are not
forgotten. GF Automazioni was born, in fact, in Sasso Marconi
in the province of Bologna, in 2001. “In those early 2000s, there was
ferment in the industrial world,” recalls the company’s founder Gianni
Gianni Righi. “And great organizational
organizational changes in production: the leading companies in industrial
of the industrial automation began to look with increasing
increasing interest in outsourcing to improve flexibility and competitiveness.
competitiveness. So I thought: why not get involved?”.
Strong of the technical competences matured in previous working experiences, Righi intuits the possibility to realize the own
entrepreneurial dream, which started with GF Automazioni. Today the company of Sasso Marconi is a consolidated reality
and rooted in the territory, operating in close contact with leading companies in the
leader in the construction of automatic machines, to which it supplies
the electrical wiring service and the assembly of automatic machines.
automatic machines.
The activity is structured with a production department, where are
The activity is structured with a production department, where all the activities of assembly and related processing are carried out, a warehouse for the storage of components, an administrative and commercial office and a technical office. The various phases of processing
from design to post-sales, are managed directly by the staff
by the staff, being able to count on a team of proven experience and always available to solve any problem.
GF Automazioni has always looked at the market with great attention.
attention: “Acknowledging the growing need of manufacturing companies to
companies to automate their production processes,” says Righi.
Righi, “in 2010 we decided to create a division dedicated to the design and construction of
to the design and construction of special automatic machines
according to customer specifications. We turn to manufacturing companies
that have identified among their strategic objectives the continuous improvement of
continuous improvement of productivity and quality”.
This division has been in full activity for several years and is in continuous
expansion, due to the increasing number of customer requests.
customers. Thanks to a well-tested work team and the experience gained in the development of new applications, GF Automazioni is able to
able to face and respond to the automation needs of the customer
customer’s automation needs guaranteeing innovative solutions, reliability and respect
production parameters.
“Investments in research and innovation are the fuel that has allowed our company
has allowed our company to respond proactively to market changes
to market changes and allows us to look to the future with confidence,” confirms Gianni Righi. “We have excellent relationships
and developed projects with the University of Bologna, focused on the digitization of our customers’ production processes and made all our
our applications compliant with 4.0 protocols.”
“Among the solutions that GF Automazioni is able to provide, I would like to highlight the design and construction of gripping hands
(EOAT), in particular for the world of plastic molding.
plastic molding. This specific activity, by virtue of the increase in the use of robots by
of robots by manufacturing companies, is growing strongly and has allowed us to give
has allowed us to give a further boost to our activity with the inclusion
the inclusion in our team of technical and commercial figures with specific
with specific experience that allow us to deal with the right approach to customer
approach to customer requests,” adds Righi.
“All this would not have been possible without the great professionalism and passion of Catia, partner and companion in life, who has always supported me in this path.
partner in life, who has always supported me in this path,” says Gianni Righi. E
concludes: “And without the commitment of workers, collaborators, customers and suppliers
and suppliers that have followed one another in these years. GF Automazioni has always
GF Automazioni has always been projected into the future, but now more than ever.
And last but not least, a great satisfaction: recently, my son
Giacomo has recently decided to join our organization. After
20 years later, our story continues, with new objectives and the same

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