HG Helping Hand: New Product Line

GF Automazioni offers the market an innovative line of standard components for the construction of robotic gripping hands, HG-EOAT. HG Helping Hand is a line of products aimed in particular at companies operating in the plastic molding sector that are looking for a competent and reliable partner like GF Automazioni.

The gripping hand applied to a robot normally performs the job of extracting the product from the mold and other subsequent operations integrated with the production process. HG’s line of standard components makes reliable, ready-to-use solutions available to the designer, saving on design costs and production times.

Our twenty years of experience in the field of industrial automation and plastic molding, combined with the constant growth in the use of robots by production companies, has allowed us to develop a line of EOAT components in the catalog specifically for the plastic molding sector.

“Discover our products, visit the website https://hg-eoat.it/

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