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Industry 4.0 – Communication systems for data collection and management

Data collection is central to today’s industry and market. Companies are starting to become aware that communication technologies are highly relevant to manufacturing and are implementing them in order to obtain maximum benefit. Despite this, many companies and SMEs struggle to take the correct approach.

This happens for two reasons:

  • It is not always obvious which technologies provide real benefits.
  • The solutions proposed by most manufacturers are often complex and expensive.

GF Automazioni has worked for many years in the field of industrial automation and operates in close contact with production departments. We are therefore fully aware of the issues and the specific requirements of the sector. Our in-house research and innovation has focused on creating a simple and intuitive system that responds to the market requirements in terms of Industry 4.0.

In partnership with DNA Servizi Informatici srl, we founded the innovative DIGIFOR srl Start up that focuses on Industry 4.0. This has allowed us to develop and patent the EASY 4.0 system that has already been successfully installed in companies in various sectors.

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